Cascades Bodie
Bodie has found his way to our from with our sow Opal. Bodie is a very sweet and gentle boar with a very mellow personality. He loves his belly rubbed and has wonderful symmetric conformation. We are thrilled to have such a great boar as our new herd sire.
Sire: Audacious Julius Root
SS: Maveric Colossus
SD: Skyfire Rhubarb

Dam: Cascade's Abundance
DS: Maveric Balthazar
DD: Skyfire Heirloom
Johnny Utah
Utah will be coming to us in June from Sunny Knoll Eco Farm on the East Coast. We have searched near and far for just the right genetics to match ours and we've finally found them in Utah. We are so excited about him and can't wait for his arrival!
Sire: Ingleside Pete
SS: Sullbar Carmine ("Magick")
SD: Sullbar VA Cerridwen

Dam: Flint and Steel Petunia
DS: Brambleberry Arthur
DD: Flint and Steel Adeline