Deer Run Sen-Sen (Emily)
Emily is our awesome little super producer and we think she's worth her weight in gold. She has lovely dairy character and a great mammary system (picture taken when she was drying up). She has large teats for super ease of milking and is our easiest goat to milk. We plan to infuse Emily's genetics into our herd as much as we can.
Sire: Deer Run Licorice Twist
SS: MCH New Hope Farms Zachary Taylor
SD: Deer Run Butterscotch

Dam: Mountain Quest Vanilla Creme
DS: Twin Creeks PD Megabuck
DD:Mountain Quest Sassafras
Camanna BJ Velvet Hammer
Velvet is a beautiful broken buckskin with wattles and a gentle disposition. She has great body capacity, a level topline, tight shoulders, a great foreudder and nice medial division. She has milked quadruplets twice now and still her udder looks full. So far all of her kids inherit her correct conformation and dairy characteristics. We are very pleased to have Velvet a part of our herd.
Sire: Camanna AL Blue Jericho
SS:Twin Creek BT As You Like It*S
SD:Mountain Quest Blue Lite Special

Dam: Camanna MQ Aurelia Grace
DS: Valley View Hannak's Marquee
DD: ALMN Tamara
Deer Run Forget-Me-Not
Forget-Me-Not is a blue-eyed doe that has become our herd queen. She is quiet and calm and loves attention. She has plenty of body capacity and nice rear leg angulation and an older style body type. We have not yet had the chance to see her udder in milk so we are excited to see how she develops.
Sire: Sugar Pine RHB After Dark
SS: Twin Creeks RA Red Hot N Blue
SD: Goodwood Cinnamon Splash

Dam: Deer Run Crystal
DS: Valley View Redstart's Zorro
DD: Orchard View Amber
Medallion Ridge Angel
Angel has become another of our super milkers and is producing as much as our top milker. She is a very elegant doe with correct conformation and a beautiful face with a wonderful personality. She has excellent all around udder attachment and nice long easy milkable teats. Her dam is very dairy and a persistent producer and this girl would do great in the show ring.
Sire: Medallion Ridge Tort Gambler
SS: Twin Creeks Fax Tortuga
SD: Gay-Mor's JJU Luminous

Dam: NC Promisedland HS Pearl
DS: Promisedland CP Holy Smoke
DD: Promisedland Good Day Sunshine
Trinity Ridge JD Cheewawa
Cheewawa is a goat loaded with personality. She is tall, lean, and dairy and has an excellent pedigree. Her dam is one of our best milk producers and is a very persistent milker, so we expect Cheewawa to become one of our super milkers. Her first freshening will be fall of 2011 and we're so excited to see what she'll produce.
Sire: Caprinos TMM James Dean
SS: Sugar Creek MT Tell Me More
SD: Wood Bridge Farm Wreyanna

Dam: Camanna ZH Mercedes Gold
DS: Old Mountain Farm Zagnut Haze
DD: Camanna MB Desiree
Trinity Ridge RT Freesia
Freesia is the sweetest, most gentle goat I've ever known. She has beautiful large, kind eyes and such wonderful all around conformation. We're so thrilled about the genetic combination she has we can't wait to see what future kids she will produce. Her first freshening will be fall of 2011 and she will be bred to James Dean who also has a fantastic pedigree. These will be kids to watch out for!
Sire: Trinity Ridge Rogue Tiburon
SS: Camanna FS Dublin
SD: Deer Run Sen SEn (Emily)

Dam: Camanna CS All Jazzed Up
DS: TX Twin Creeks AB Cresendo
DD: Camanna AL Fiona's Valentine
Trinity Ridge JD Koa Bear
I have waited three years for this doeling to be born and couldn't be more thrilled about her. She is our top milkers' first doeling and her sire has incredible dairy characteristics. She is tall and lean with tons of body capacity and a nice wide escutcheon. She has not yet freshened, but we expect great things from her. She already has a nice teat size and lovely dairy character.
Sire: Caprinos TMM James Dean
SS: Sugar Creek MT Tell Me More
SD: Wood Bridge Farm Wreyanna

Dam: Deer Run Sen Sen (Emily)
DS: Dear Run Licorice Twist
DD: Mountain Quest Vanilla Creme