Camanna FS Dublin
Dublin is the first buck to join our herd and we are so glad he's with us. Dublin has a beautiful face, wide eyes, amazing personality, nice wide open escutcheon, and strong dairy character that he passes to all of his kids. He has strengthened our herd tremendously. His half sister Camanna Demetria has won the 2008 and 2009 grand champion junior doe.
Sire: Kehilan CA Final Stand
SS: Mystiques Spirit Blue Cache
SD: Ponders End DG Piccadilly

Dam: Camanna MM Paris
DS: Camanna FJ Majestic Merlin
DD: Inavale Venice
Caprinos TMM James Dean
James Dean has amazing parentage. During a linear appraisal his sire Telly was VEE89 and his dam Wreyanna was EEEE91 which are some of the top scores in the country! His sire has won several champions and his granddam was the 2003 National Junior Champion. So far his kids have all inherited his wonderful dairy characterics and are all tall, long, and lean. I expect them to be wonderful milkers and excel in the show ring.
Sire: Sugar Creek MT Tell Me More
SS: Gay-Mor Domino's Mantis
SD: GCH Twin Creeks WB Talk About Me

Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Wreyanna
DS: Buttin' Heads Sonic Hero
DD: Sugar Creek ST Tammi
Trinity Ridge Rogue Tiburon
Tibby is the son of Dublin and out of Deer Run Sen-Sen who is our very best and most amazing milker. Tibby has strong dairy character, is long and lean, and has all around wonderful conformation. He is passing on his Dam and Sire's amazing genetics to the rest of our herd and is strengthening it in such amazing ways.
Sire: Camanna FS Dublin
SS: Kehilan CA Final Stand
SD: Camanna MM Paris

Dam: Deer Run Sen Sen (Emily)
DS: Deer Run Licorice Twist
DD: Mountain Quest Vanilla Creme
Trinity Ridge Grand Torreto
When Torreto was born all we could say was "Wow!" Torreto is the total package with amazing conformation, beautiful blue eyes, tri-color coat, wonderful dairy character and a strong pedigree. Many who visit the farm can't take their eyes off of him. Someday I will hopefully get a photo that does him some justice.
Sire: Camanna FD Tim's Blue Rascal
SS: Hayseed FA Flash Dancer
SD: Sugar Pine Blue Veronica

Dam: Camanna CS All Jazzed Up
DS: TX TwinCreeks AB Crescendo
Camanna AL Fiona's Valentine