Fiber Products
Unskirted fleeces
Our wool comes from our beautiful lambs and adult sheep and is soft, light, and airy. If you are interested in a fleece from a particular sheep, please let us know immediately, as they don't last long. We want to work with all our customers to see they get just the right fleece.

Each fleece is identified by the name of the sheep and the year and season (spring or fall) it was sheared. You'll also receive a certificate that includes a photo of your sheep stating that the fleece you purchased came from that sheep. This is a fun way to connect to the source of items you create and if you are making products to sell, there is an added attraction to buyers to have a photo of the sheep to show their friends! If you are creating a beautiful gift for special people, you can also give them a photo of the actual sheep the fiber came from!
Raw Unskirted Fleece

Raw fleece is straight off the sheep. It is not washed or handled in any way. Vegetative matter and tags are not removed. On average these fleeces weigh 2-4 pounds.

Raw Skirted Fleece

Skirted fleece is a clean raw fleece that that has vegetation, belly wool, and soiled areas removed. This leaves you with only the best fiber to work with. This Raw Fleece can be spun in the raw and washed later or washed and carded, then spun into yarn. Our fleeces are meticulously skirted and will weigh one to two pounds on average.


Roving is wool which has been washed and carded and made into a long piece of fiber. Hand Spinners can take the roving and spin it directly into yarn. Roving can also be used in felting projects. We send our fleece to be professionally processed into roving. The advantage of the raw fleece is price, but the advantage of roving is it is ready to go with no washing or carding. We price our roving by the ounce, but have a 4 ounce minimum order.
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Lamb $25.00 per pound
Adult $20.00 per pound
Our prices are as follows:
Lamb $20.00 per pound
Adult $35.00 each
Skirted fleeces
Lamb $4.50 per ounce (4 oz minimum)
Adult $4.00 per ounce (4 oz minimum)