Restaurant Cuisine - Jumbo Coturnix Quail
The Ultimate Delicacy

Jumbo Coturnix Quail are a famous delicacy served in many professional kitchens around the world. Quail have a delicious flavor, stronger than chicken meat that is tender and can be cooked using practically any chicken recipe you prefer in addition to recipes that specifically call for quail meat. Quail also has less fat, less cholesterol, and more protein than chicken. This all white meat bird is tender and succulent and produces a light meat with a well-rounded, slightly sweet flavor, making them a very versatile choice for chefs. This delicate meat pairs well with an abundance of flavors to complement most menus.
Photo CourtesyAndrew Wellman

Coturnix Quail reach a market weight and maturity at only 6 weeks old. They weigh between 13 to 16 ounces with the hens being slightly bigger. Quail are available year round as a whole bird only. Please contact us for availability and our current pricing guide.
What Food Connoisseurs are saying...

"Quail, the diminutive game bird extolled by certain food connoisseurs as the ultimate delicacy." - Kitty Morse; Los Angeles Times

"Quail is to poultry what buffalo is to beef" - Craig Knowlton; Quail International

"It's so popular at the restaurant that even my regular customers request to buy it directly from the farm to cook at home. Quail is steadily growing in popularity and becoming more and more available for everyone to enjoy." - Chef Jason Tostrup; The Inn at Weathersfield, Vermont