Restaurant Cuisine - Icelandic Lamb
Best Lamb in the World

The Icelandic Sheep produces a gourmet quality, light, delicately flavored meat-unquestionably, this lamb meat is unequaled for flavor, health benefits, and versatility. Some of the highest quality restaurants in the country are offering Icelandic lamb on their menus.

This gourmet meat is very tender with a mild flavor and can appeal to the palate of even those consumers who avow they "just don't like lamb." Unlike more modern breeds, Icelandic lamb has none of the "gamey" aftertaste that discourages some people from eating lamb chops.

The meat is award-winning in the European market where a lean gourmet style carcass of fine textured, light colored and mild flavored meat is preferred. The meat conformation is excellent and the carcass dresses out at a higher percentage than other types of sheep, which makes them very desirable to chefs.
What Food Connoisseurs are saying...

"Icelandic lamb is a wonderfully flavorful, exceptionally lean meat from animals raised with no antibiotics, and no added hormones. Connoisseurs consider Icelandic lamb the best in the world and when you are used to the best you cannot accept anything else." - Whole Foods National Grocery chain Market blog.

"Icelandic lamb is exceptionally fine grained and mild tasting, prized by chefs" - Saveur Magazine


Lambs are born in the spring and reach market weight in the fall at 4-6 months of age weighing 70-100 lbs on the hoof. Lambs are available seasonally between October and December. Please contact for availability and our current pricing guide.
Photo courtesy Saveur Magazine