Restaurant Cuisine - Guinea Hog
A Culinary Gem

The Guinea hog possesses certain traits that promise to make it a culinary gem. Covered in a thick layer of fat, the meat has a deep red color, and tremendous amounts of intramuscular fat that deliver superior flavor. The entire carcass weighs about 80 pounds and the chops are the size of an average lamb chop. They are also easy for restaurants to handle. Because they are so small, they can be broken down with a cleaver and no special equipment is needed. This lard pig is fattier than a Tamworth or Ossabaw pig and their flavorful lard is highly sought after by gourmet cooks.

This is a rare breed that is slowly making their way back into the cuisine world after being whittled down to a mere 16 animals. Today, there are over 1,000 registered Guinea hogs. Trinity Ridge Farm is the only AGHA registered breeder listed in Oregon.
What Chef's are saying...

"For a time, chefs and home cooks expounded on the beauty of Berkshire pigs, but the latest find that has chefs going crazy, is the heritage breed, Guinea Hog. So tender, so juicy and so delicious. This pork is succulent and completely addicting. I've found that once you eat really fine pork, raised and fed well, you become ruined for pork of less quality." - Emerils' Cooking Blog

"It's the best pork I've ever eaten. The fat is where it's at. That's where all the flavor is. If you don't embrace fat, guinea hog is not the meat for you. But if you do embrace it, it's going to give you a unique sense of enjoyment." - Chef Craig Deihl at Cypress - Charleston, NC

"I have done some experimenting with older breeds of pig and I know that the American Guinea Hog is the "Kobe beef of pork" with great fat and marbling." - Chef Donald Link at Herbsainthe - New Orleans, LA


Guinea Hogs are available year round as a whole hog only. Please contact us for availability and our current pricing guide.